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My maiden name is Clemons so I swear this storytelling thing is in the blood.

For those not aware, Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Clemens.

Just like my famous great, great, great uncle, I love to tell stories.

I've taken my skills as a former journalist and translated them into incredible storytelling for brands through innovative marketing. The good news is every brand has powerful stories waiting to be told but you need the right person to find them. Just so happens this is what gets me up in the morning. 

Great storytelling can tap into powerful emotions; making people think and feel.

In turn, this can advance your brand, grow your volume and inspire your customers and employees.

Now more than ever, brands have the capacity to tell and share their own stories in a variety of marketing mediums. For nearly 20 years I've led teams that have grown brand awareness

and driven revenue by tapping into the power of storytelling.

Scan my website to see some of these success stories. 

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project


Healthcare Portfolio

From major brand campaigns to simple fliers, I have done it all. Check out my work here. 


What folks are saying about Kelly

“ I don’t have words to express what an exceptional job you’ve done in documenting and telling this incredible story for our health system. We are blessed to have your remarkable talents promoting St. Vincent’s.”
Tom VanOsdol, President & CEO, St. Vincent’s HealthCare

“The TV spots are amazing AGAIN. The dog one has got to be one of the best stories in an ad I have seen, at any level. Wonderful work.”

Moody Chisholm, former St. Vincent’s CEO

“I am deeply touched by the commitment everyone has to the Mission and Values of St. Vincent’s. I know this because of the incredible work and devotion everyone has for this project-- like my amazing and truly gifted Director of Marketing & Communications, Ms. Kelly Brockmeier. KB you’re the heart.”
David Meyer, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer,

St. Vincent’s HealthCare

"Kelly is a true example of servant leadership, she has and continues to be my mentor and she is one of, if not the most creative people I've ever met. 

Kelly has done amazing work here at St. Vincent's bringing our brand up from a system everyone forgot about, to one of the most competitive health systems in the city."

Edward Bateh, Marketing Manager, St. Vincent's HealthCare


“Kelly is an unsung hero. She came into a situation that was imploding and did a great job cleaning up a terrible mess that was years in the making. She has elevated the way we are doing things and has brought her team out of the darkness. Most people would have run for the exit in her situation yet she doubled down and drove the changes needed."
Anonymous Wounded Warrior Project leader from 360 review

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